In order to effectively manage trade in and out of the country, detect smuggling, fraud and trafficking easier and faster, Governments of all countries interested in improvement of efficiency and security of Customs critical infrastructure. Implementing this type of project, the country will contribute to economy and national security.


• Smuggling and trafficking• Illegal immigration• Drugs, weapons and contrabands• Enforcement of import and export activities

• Large volume of cargo• Large number of trucks, vehicles and people crossing daily • The speed at which cargo needs to move through the port


Customs receive world-class security, screening, and event management systems GIS designs, supplies, and implements technology platforms to provide physical security and screening for customs at ports, airports and land border crossings GIS supplies, maintains and upgrades all the necessary professional equipment, including all types of x-rays, sniffers, cctv, patrol vehicles and boats, software and central command rooms Provide regular professional training for personnel New systems will meet all applicable standards